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Baofeng uv-3r plus español.3gp - YouTube On le trouve dans les Boutiques en lne ou sur Ebay pour moins de 50 Dollars Port Compris. Le Talky Walky a un DSP et il est conforme aux Normes CE, ROHS, et ISO 9001. Nov 19, 2012 · Desempaquetado y funcionamiento del walkie Baofeng UV-3R plus Manual en español. Zastone ZT 2R vs TYT TH UV3R vs Baofeng UV3R Mark II vs Baofeng.

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Download Software - BaoFeng Le Coeur du Portable est une Puce CMOS Les Accessoires fournis sont: une Batterie Li-ion de 3.7 Volts 1200 m Ah, un Chargeur, deux Antennes, ( VHF et UHF), un Microphone couteur d'oreille, Un Clip Ceinture, un Manuel crit en Anglais, une Sangle pour le transport, et un Berceau qui permet de poser le Portatif, ou pour recharger une Batterie., avec un poids de seulement 130 grammes. Displays the actual Firmware release on the BaoFeng Radio. Download the Latest Build of CHIRP Here. CHIRP Guides and Helpful Resources CHIRP Terms and Column.

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Support and Help - BaoFeng CHIRP software has many features, some of which are not available using the Bao Feng factory software, such as: Uses the familiar RX frequency and ± Offset for repeaters Allows 7 Character Alpha Tags (was only 6) Upper & Lower Band Limits for TX on VHF & UHF TX Inhibit for Scanner Only frequencies Remembers the COM port setting between sessions Remembers the last folder loaded from or saved to between sessions Supports serial ports up to COM256 Displays the actual Firmware release on the Bao Feng Radio before the application will execute. For easier initial frequency programming, copy and paste, and importing frequency files from previous radios - you may want to consider using the CHIRP Programming Software found above. The BaoFeng support homepage is your starting point for help with BaoFeng products, featuring software, manuals, support downloads, tech specs, troubleshooting pages.

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Baofeng UV-5R Manual For more information about using CHIRP under Linux, see the Mac OSX and Linux users are recommended to use a Virtual Machine to run the VIP Windows programming software. Please read this manual carefully before use. The information presented herein will help you to derive maximum performance from your radio. Baofeng.

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Miklor Radio Information Site - Miklor Make sure you have python-serial and python-lib-xml2 packages installed. Miklor Radio Information Site - Miklor. Baofeng Battery Cases - AA / AAA Beep Bug - Baofeng F/W N5R-20/30 Cable Loss / Attenuation Chart.

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