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Manual Coffee Machines With best Price In Bouazza N, Cressey TR, Foissac F, Bienczak A, Denti P, Mc Illeron H, Burger D, Penazzato M, Lallemant M, Capparelli EV, Treluyer JM, Urien S. Brusini P, Dehaene-Lambertz G, van Heugten M, de Carvalho A, Goffinet F, Fiévet AC, Christophe A. Chaussade S, Schmöcker C, Toulemonde P, Muñoz-Navas M, O'Mahony V, Henri F. 2016 Nov 18 Phosphate tablets or polyethylene glycol for preparation to colonoscopy? 2016 Nov 18Freund Y, Lemachatti N, Krastinova E, Van Laer M, Claessens YE, Avondo A, Occelli C, Feral-Pierssens AL, Truchot J, Ortega M, Carneiro B, Pernet J, Claret PG, Dami F, Bloom B, Riou B, Beaune S; French Society of Emergency Medicine Collaborators .. Guesdon E, Vincent-Rohfritsch A, Bydlowski S, Santulli P, Goffinet F, Le Ray C. Mariette C, Tavernier E, Hocquet D, Huynh A, Isnard F, Legrand F, Lhéritier V, Raffoux E, Dombret H, Ifrah N, Cahn JY, Thiébaut A. Peyrade F, Bologna S, Delwail V, Emile JF, Pascal L, Fermé C, Schiano JM, Coiffier B, Corront B, Farhat H, Fruchart C, Ghesquieres H, Macro M, Tilly H, Choufi B, Delarue R, Fitoussi O, Gabarre J, Haioun C, Jardin F. Liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry assay for therapeutic drug monitoring of the tyrosine kinase inhibitor, midostaurin, in plasma from patients with advanced systemic mastocytosis. A position paper by the Committee on Nutrition of the French Society of Paediatrics Arch Pediatr. Brousse V, Colin Y, Pereira C, Arnaud C, Odièvre MH, Boutemy A, Guitton C, de Montalembert M, Lapouméroulie C, Picot J, Le Van Kim C, El Nemer W. Calvet D, Song D, Yoo J, Turc G, Sablayrolles JL, Choi BW, Heo JH, Mas JL Predicting asymptomatic coronary artery disease in patients with ischemic stroke and transient ischemic attack: the PRECORIS score Stroke 2014 Jan;45(1):82-6Calvet D, Touzé E, Laurent S, Varenne O, Sablayrolles JL, Boutouyrie P, Mas JL. Canouï-Poitrine F, Poulain C, Molto A, Le Thuaut A, Lafon C, Farrenq V, Ferkal S, Le Corvoisier P, Ghaleh B, Bastuji-Garin S, Fautrel B, Dougados M, Claudepierre P Early tumor necrosis factor α antagonist therapy in everyday practice for inflammatory back pain suggesting axial spondyloarthritis: results from a prospective multicenter french cohort. Treatment of oxaliplatin-induced peripheral neuropathy by intravenous mangafodipir J Clin Invest. Coulibaly M, Meda N, Yonaba C, Ouedraogo S, Congo M, Barry M, Thio E, Siribié I, Koueta F, Ye D, Kam L, Blanche S, Van De Perre P, Leroy V; MONOD Study ANRS 12206. Couraud S, Vaca-Paniagua F, Villar S, Oliver J, Schuster T, Blanché H, Girard N, Trédaniel J, Guilleminault L, Gervais R, Prim N, Vincent M, Margery J, Larivé S, Foucher P, Duvert B, Vallee M, Le Calvez-Kelm F, Mc Kay J, Missy P, Morin F, Zalcman G, Olivier M, Souquet PJ; Bio CAST/IFCT-1002 investators Noninvasive diagnosis of actionable mutations by deep sequencing of circulating free DNA in lung cancer from never-smokers: a proof-of-concept study from Bio CAST/IFCT-1002 Clin Cancer Res 2014 Sep 1;20(17):4613-24Courbebaisse M, Alberti C, Colas S, Prié D, Souberbielle JC, Treluyer JM, Thervet E VITamin D supplementation in ren AL transplant recipients (VITALE): a prospective, multicentre, double-blind, randomized trial of vitamin D estimating the benefit and safety of vitamin D3 treatment at a dose of 100,000 UI compared with a dose of 12,000 UI in renal transplant recipients: study protocol for a double-blind, randomized, controlled trial Trials 2014 Nov 6;0Cristancho-Lacroix V, Moulin F, Wrobel J, Batrancourt B, Plichart M, De Rotrou J, Cantegreil-Kallen I, Raud AS. Mahut B, De Blic J, Emond S, Benoist M-R, Jarreau P-H, Lacaze-Masmonteil T, Magny J-F, Delacourt C. [How to decide with precision, justice, and equity? Widest Range of Manual Coffee Machines In Malaysia Safe Shopping Fast DELIVERY Cash on Delivery Effortless Shopping ♥ Best Customer Care!

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B2B Trading, Buy, Sell Consumer Optimization of the strength of the efavirenz/lamivudine/abacavir fixed-dose combination for paediatric patients. Ambuous function words do not prevent 18-month-olds from building accurate syntactic category expectations: An ERP study. A multicentre non-inferiority randomized controlled trial. Prognostic Accuracy of Sepsis-3 Criteria for In-Hospital Mortality Among Patients With Suspected Infection Presenting to the Emergency Department. Oocyte donation recipients of very advanced age: perinatal complications for singletons and twins. Epidemiology of invasive fungal infections during induction therapy in adults with acute lymphoblastic leukemia: a GRAALL-2005 study. Erythroid Adhesion Molecules in Sickle Cell Anaemia Infants: Inshts Into Early Pathophysiology. Aortic stiffness measurement improves the prediction of asymptomatic coronary artery disease in stroke/transient ischemic attack patients. Missed opportunities for early access to care of HIV-infected infants in Burkina Faso. A web-based program for informal caregivers of persons with Alzheimer's disease: an iterative user-centered desn JMIR Res Protoc 2014 Sep 15;3(3):e46. Bal E, Baala L, Cluzeau C, El Kerch F, Ouldim K, Hadj-Rabia S, Bodemer C, Munnich A, Courtois G, Sefiani A, Smahi A. Chest computed tomography findings in bronchopulmonary dysplasia and correlation with lung function [Internet]. Reflections on decision-making in the context of extreme prematurity. Guery B, Guidet B, Beloucif S, Floret D, Le Gall C, Montravers P, Chouaid C, Jarreau P-H, Regnier B. Quantification of tipranavir in human plasma by hh-performance liquid chromatography with UV detection [Internet]. International General Traders, Trading Board for Buying and Selling Consumer electronics, LCD TV, Printers, Games Consoles, Used & New.

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Website Cardpostage Combination of ofatumumab and reduced-dose CHOP for diffuse large B-cell lymphomas in patients aged 80 years or older: an open-label, multicentre, single-arm, phase 2 trial from the LYSA . Pre-transplant donor CD4- invariant NKT cell expansion capacity predicts the occurrence of acute graft-versus-host disease. Multimodal In Vivo Imaging of Tumorenesis and Response to Chemotherapy in a Transgenic Mouse Model of Mammary Cancer. [Analysis of cell-free DNA in maternal blood for detection of fetal trisomy 21 in hh-risk population: Couples acceptance and grounds for refusal]. Longitudinal MRI and Ferritin Monitoring of Iron Overload in Chroniy Transfused and Chelated Children With Sickle Cell Anemia and Thalassemia Major. Genotype-Phenotype Relationship in Patients and Relatives with SHOX Region Anomalies in the French Population. Neonatal Mortality and Long-Term Outcome of Infants Born between 27 and 32 Weeks of Gestational Age in Breech Presentation: The EPIPAGE Cohort Study. Statin use is safe and does not impact prognosis in patient with de novo follicular lymphoma treated with immunochemotherapy: An exploratory analysis of the PRIMA cohort study. Staphylococcus aureus osteo-articular infection: usefulness of the determination of daptomycin serum concentration to explain a treatment failure. Why women with previous caesarean and elible for a trial of labour have an elective repeat caesarean delivery? NPHS2 mutations in steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome: a mutation update and the associated phenotypic spectrum. Paediatr Anaesth 2014 Sep;24(9):945-52Bourget P, Amin A, Chandesris MO, Vidal F, Merlette C, Hirsch I, Cabaret L, Carvalhosa A, Mogenet A, Frenzel L, Damaj G, Lortholary O, Hermine O. Briend A, Legrand P, Bocquet A, Girardet JP, Bresson JL, Chouraqui JP, Darmaun D, Dupont C, Frelut ML, Goulet O, Hankard R, Rieu D, Simeoni U, Turck D, Vidailhet M Lipid intake in children under 3 years of age in France. Application to the Archives de Pédiatrie] Arch Pediatr. Chaussain C, Bouazza N, Gasse B, Laffont AG, Opsa Vital S, Davit-Béal T, Moulis E, Chabadel O, Hennequin M, Courson F, Droz D, Vaysse F, Laboux O, Tassery H, Carel JC, Alcais A, Treluyer JM, Beldjord C, Sire JY. Guidelines of the French Oto-Rhino-Laryngology--Head and Neck Surgery Society (SFORL). 2014 Sep131(4):233-8Coriat R, Alexandre J, Nicco C, Quinquis L, Benoit E, Chéreau C, Lemaréchal H, Mir O, Borderie D, Tréluyer JM, Weill B, Coste J, Goldwasser F, Batteux F. Azria E, Tsatsaris V, Moriette G, Hirsch E, Schmitz T, Cabrol D, Goffinet F. Cartolina dalla vacanza. Desn by Gio&Vi Mitopositano com - News Manciano - Saturnia - indexvecchia - index cogn - Hotels of the world - Agriturismi Vacanze.

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Toluene Sources, Testing, Air Purification, Rubio , Bouillié M, Bouazza N, Coman T, Trebeden-Nègre H, Gomez A, Suarez F, Sibon D, Brnier A, Paubelle E, Nguyen-Khoc S, Cavazzana M, Lantz O, Mohty M, Urien S, Hermine O. Alberini JL, Boisgard R, Guillermet S, Siquier K, Jego B, Thézé B, Urien S, Rezaï K, Menet E, Maroy R, Dollé F, Kühnast B, Tavitian B. Anselem O, Keroui S, Deput-Rampon C, Chartier M, Costa JM, Goffinet F, Tsatsaris V. Aubart M, Ou P, Elie C, Canniffe C, Kutty S, Delos V, Graffne C, de Montalembert M, Brousse V. Auger J, Baptiste A, Benabbad I, Thierry G, Costa JM, Amouyal M, Kottler ML, Leheup B, Touraine R, Schmitt S, Lebrun M, Cormier Daire V, Bonnefont JP, de Roux N, Elie C, Rosilio M. Azria E, Kayem G, Langer B, Marchand-Martin L, Marret S, Fresson J, Pierrat V, Arnaud C, Goffinet F, Kaminski M, Ancel PY; EPIPAGE study . Bachy E, Estell JA, Van de Neste E, Bouabdallah R, Bargay J, Delmer A, Gelas-Dore B, Gomes da Silva M, Fitoussi O, Belada D, Maisonneuve H, Intraguornchai T, Lamy T, Dartues P, Seymour JF, Salles G. Barreau S, Benaboud S, Kernéis S, Moachon L, Blanche P, Groh M, Massias L, Treluyer JM, Poyart C, Raymond J. Bartolo S, Goffinet F, Blondel B, Deneux-Tharaux C. Impact of Monochorionicity and Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome on Prenatal Attachment, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms. [One day diagnosis for breast lesions: Medical and psychological assessment - EVADIASEIN study]. II - Comparison with existing curves and benefits of customization]. [Customized and non-customized French intrauterine growth curves. Predictive performance of urine neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin for dialysis requirement and death following cardiac surgery in neonates and infants. Concentration-Response Model of Lopinavir/Ritonavir in HIV-1-Infected Pediatric Patients Pediatr Infect Dis J. Bouchireb K, Boyer O, Gribouval O, Nevo F, Huynh-Cong E, Morinière V, Campait R, Ars E, Brackman D, Dantal J, Eckart P, Gante M, Lipska BS, Liutkus A, Megarbane A, Mohsin N, Ozaltin F, Saleem MA, Schaefer F, Soulami K, Torra R, Garcelon N, Mollet G, Dahan K, Antnac C. Bourdaud N, Devys JM, Bientz J, Lejus C, Hebrard A, Tirel O, Lecoutre D, Sabourdin N, Nivoche Y, Baujard C, Orliaguet GA Development and validation of a risk score to predict the probability of postoperative vomiting in pediatric patients: the VPOP score. rh BSSL improves growth and LCPUFA absorption in preterm infants fed formula or pasteurized breast milk. [Recommendations for the management and publication of research articles in pediatrics. How to replace codeine after tonsillectomy in children under 12 years of age? J Gynecol Obstet Biol Reprod (Paris) 2007 mai;36(3):238-244. Toluene Sources, Testing, Air Purification, and Health Information Toluene is a common solvent found in many products throughout the average home, such as glues.


SURPLUS PROCESS EQUIPMENT LAB Beauquier-Maccotta B, Chalouhi GE, Picquet AL, Carrier A, Bussières L, Golse B, Ville Y. Berman A, Te B, Duracinsky M, Gayet M, Bellin MF, Guettier C, Fernandez H, Nazac A. Structural equation modelling exploration of the key pathophysiological processes involved in cardiac surgery-related acute kidney injury in infants. Evaluation of the pharmacokinetics of glibenclamide tablet given, off label, orally to children suffering from neonatal syndromic hyperglycemia. Evaluation of antithymocyte globulin pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in children. [Inter-observer variability of decision concerning the route of delivery in case of one previous cesarean section and abnormal pelvic measures]. Mechanical thrombectomy after intravenous alteplase versus alteplase alone after stroke (THRACE): a randomised controlled trial. Diazoxide in children with obesity after hypothalamic-pituitary lesions: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial. Lessons from a French collaborative case-control study in cystic fibrosis patients during the 2009 A/H1N1 influenza pandemy. Early Hh-Dose Erythropoietin Therapy After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Multicenter, Randomized Controlled Trial. Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in rheumatoid arthritis and association with disease activity and cardiovascular risk factors: data from the COMEDRA study. Temporary placement of fully covered self-expandable metal stents for the treatment of benn biliary strictures. Determinants of brain metabolism changes in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy. Prevalence of Renal Impairment in Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis: Results From a Cross-Sectional Multicenter Study. The burden of venipuncture pain in neonatal intensive care units: EPIPPAIN 2, a prospective observational study. Epidemiology and neonatal pain management of heelsticks in intensive care units: EPIPPAIN 2, a prospective observational study. Nocardia Infection in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients: A Multicenter European Case-control Study. Specific T cells for the treatment of cytomegalovirus and/or adenovirus in the context of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Arterial Spin Labeling to Predict Brain Tumor Grading in Children: Correlations between Histopathologic Vascular Density and Perfusion MR Imaging. Plasma and intraprostatic concentrations of ertapenem following preoperative single dose administration: a single-centre prospective experience and clinical implications-the ERTAPRO study. Prediction of human foetal pharmacokinetics using ex-vivo human placenta perfusion studies and Physiologiy Based models. A Physiologiy-Based Pharmacokinetic Model to Predict Human Fetal Exposure for a Drug Metabolized by Several CYP450 Pathways. Are Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Transrectal Ultrasound Guided Targeted Biopsies Noninferior to Transrectal Ultrasound Guided Systematic Biopsies for the Detection of Prostate Cancer? Cause of Preterm Birth as a Prognostic Factor for Mortality. [Single-donor protocol: Transfusion practices and multiple transfusion risk factors in neonatal intensive care unit]. Ibrutinib versus temsirolimus in patients with relapsed or refractory mantle-cell lymphoma: an international, randomised, open-label, phase 3 study. [Customized and non-customized French intrauterine growth curves. Ego A, Prunet C, Lebreton E, Blondel B, Kaminski M, Goffinet F, Zeitlin J. Does the antenatal detection of fetal growth restriction (FGR) have a prognostic value for mortality and short-term morbidity for very preterm infants? The Case of Lopinavir/ritonavir or Lamivudine Administered to Infants for the Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV-1 Transmission during Breastfeeding. [Preliminary results from the French study on prenatal repair for fetal myelomeningoceles (the PRIUM study)]. Urinary m RNA for the Diagnosis of Renal Allograft Rejection: The Issue of Normalization. Assessment of a Standardized Pre-Operative Telephone Checklist Desned to Avoid Late Cancellation of Ambulatory Surgery: The AMBUPROG Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial. Re: The risks of planned vaginal breech delivery versus planned caesarean section for term breech birth: a meta-analysis including observational studies: Let's avoid simplistic radicalism when reality is complex. Tim-3 expression on tumor-infiltrating PD-1 CD8 T cells correlates with poor clinical outcome in renal cell carcinoma. Determinants of measles seroprevalence among pregnant women in Paris France. 2014 Aug20(8): O501-4Bojan M, Vicca S, Lopez-Lopez V, Mogenet A, Pouard P, Falissard B, Journois D. Bouazza N, Urien S, Blanche S, Hirt D, Foissac F, Benaboud S, Tréluyer JM, Frange P. Casper C, Carnielli VP, Hascoet JM, Lapillonne A, Maggio L, Timda K, Olsson B, Vågerö M, Hernell O. Chappuy H, Aujard Y, Chabrol B, de Montalembert M, Sarles J. Part one: the problematics of decision-making in the context of extreme prematurity] [Internet]. Selective use of fetal fibronectin detection after cervical length measurement to predict spontaneous preterm delivery in women with preterm labor [Internet]. BAMKO-SURPLUS. serving the petrochemical industry in surplus sales and investment recovery. Contact BAMKO-SURPLUS PROCESS EQUIPMENT LLC Phone 409-942

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Search New & Used For Sale - Bouazza N, Djerada Z, Gozalo C, Busiah K, Beltrand J, Berdugo M, Urien S, Treluyer JM, Polak M. Bouazza N, Urien S, Neven B, Moshous D, Nisoy J, Gabrion A, Cavazzana M, Blanche S, Tréluyer JM, Touzot F. Bourdon M, Ceccaldi PF, Girard G, Koskas M, Goffinet F, Le Ray C. Bracard S, Ducrocq X, Mas JL, Soudant M, Oppenheim C, Moulin T, Guillemin F; THRACE investators. Brauner R, Serreau R, Souberbielle JC, Pouillot M, Grouazel S, Recasens C, Zerah M, Sainte-Rose C, Treluyer JM. Bucher J, Boelle PY, Hubert D, Lebourgeois M, Stremler N, Durieu I, Bremont F, Deneuville E, Delaisi B, Corvol H, Bassinet L, Grenet D, Remus N, Vodoff MV, Boussaud V, Troussier F, Leruez-Ville M, Treluyer JM, Launay O, Sermet-Gaudelus I. Cariou A, Deye N, Vivien B, Richard O, Pichon N, Bourg A, Huet L, Buleon C, Frey J, Asfar P, Legriel S, Narcisse S, Mathonnet A, Cravoisy A, Dequin PF, Wiel E, Razazi K, Daubin C, Kimmoun A, Lamhaut L, Marx JS, de la Garanderie DP, Ecollan P, Combes A, Spaulding C, Barat F, Ben Boutieb M, Coste J, Chiche JD, Pène F, Mira JP, Treluyer JM, Hermine O, Carli P; Epo-ACR-02 Study . Cecchetti S, Tatar Z, Galan P, Pereira B, Lambert C, Mouterde G, Sutton A, Soubrier M, Dougados M. Chaput U, Vienne A, Audureau E, Bauret P, Bichard P, Coumaros D, Napoléon B, Ponchon T, Duchmann JC, Laugier R, Lamouliatte H, Védrenne B, Gaudric M, Chaussade S, Robin F, Leblanc S, Prat F. Chassoux F, Artes E, Semah F, Desarnaud S, Laurent A, Landre E, Gervais P, Devaux B, Helal OB. Couderc M, Tatar Z, Pereira B, Tiple A, Gilson M, Fautrel B, Pouplin S, Dernis E, Gossec L, Gaujoux-Viala C, Soubrier M, Dougados M. Courtois E, Cimerman P, Dubuche V, Goiset MF, Orfèvre C, Lagarde A, Sgaggero B, Guiot C, Goussot M, Huraux E, Nanquette MC, Butel C, Ferreira AM, Lacoste S, Séjourné S, Jolly V, Lajoie G, Maillard V, Guedj R, Chappuy H, Carbajal R. Courtois E, Droutman S, Magny JF, Merchaoui Z, Durrmeyer X, Roussel C, Biran V, Eleni S, Vottier G, Renolleau S, Desfrere L, Castela F, Boimond N, Mellah D, Bolot P, Coursol A, Brault D, Chappuy H, Cimerman P, Anand KJ, Carbajal R. Coussement J, Lebeaux D, van Delden C, Guillot H, Freund R, Marbus S, Melica G, Van Wijngaerden E, Douvry B, Van Laecke S, Vuotto F, Tricot L, Fernández-Ruiz M, Dantal J, Hirzel C, Jais JP, Rodruez-Nava V, Lortholary O, Jacobs F; European Study for Nocardia in Solid Organ Transplantation. Creidy R, Moshous D, Touzot F, Elie C, Neven B, Gabrion A, Ville ML, Maury S, Ternaux B, Nisoy J, Luby JM, Héritier S, Dalle JH, Ouachée-Chardin M, Xhaard A, Thomas X, Chevallier P, Souchet L, Treluyer JM, Picard C, Hacein-Bey-Abina S, Cortivo LD, et al. Dangouloff-Ros V, Deroulers C, Foissac F, Badoual M, Shotar E, Grévent D, Calmon R, Pagès M, Grill J, Dufour C, Blauwblomme T, Puget S, Zerah M, Sainte-Rose C, Brunelle F, Varlet P, Boddaert N. Dariane C, Amin A, Lortholary O, Lalli A, Michel C, Le Guilchet T, Treluyer JM, Nguyen-Khoa T, De Toma C, Urien S, Méjean A, Bourget P, Timsit MO. De Sousa Mendes M, Hirt D, Vinot C, Valade E, Lui G, Pressiat C, Bouazza N, Foissac F, Blanche S, Lê MP, Peytavin G, Treluyer JM, Urien S, Benaboud S. De Sousa Mendes M, Lui G, Zheng Y, Pressiat C, Hirt D, Valade E, Bouazza N, Foissac F, Blanche S, Treluyer JM, Urien S, Benaboud S. Delongchamps NB, Portalez D, Bruguière E, Rouvière O, Malavaud B, Mozer P, Fiard G, Cornud F; MURIELLE Study . Delorme P, Goffinet F, Ancel PY, Foix-L'Hélias L, Langer B, Lebeaux C, Marchand LM, Zeitlin J, Ego A, Arnaud C, Vayssiere C, Lorthe E, Durrmeyer X, Sentilhes L, Subtil D, Debillon T, Winer N, Kaminski M, D'Ercole C, Dreyfus M, Carbonne B, Kayem G. Dollat C, Pierron C, Keslick A, Billoir E, François A, Jarreau PH. Dreyling M, Jurczak W, Jerkeman M, Silva RS, Rusconi C, Trneny M, Offner F, Caballero D, Joao C, Witzens-Har M, Hess G, Bence-Bruckler I, Cho SG, Bothos J, Goldberg JD, Enny C, Traina S, Balasubramanian S, Bandyopadhyay N, Sun S, Vermeulen J, Rizo A, Rule S. Ego A, Prunet C, Blondel B, Kaminski M, Goffinet F, Zeitlin J. El Ayoubi M, Jarreau PH, Van Reempts P, Cuttini M, Kaminski M, Zeitlin J, MOSAIC Research . Impact of fetal growth restriction on neurodevelopmental outcome at 2 years for extremely preterm infants: a single institution study. Effect of Acetazolamide vs Placebo on Duration of Invasive Mechanical Ventilation Among Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Preoperative risk factors for intra-operative bleeding in pediatric liver transplantation. Are Prophylactic and Therapeutic Target Concentrations Different? Friszer S, Dhombres F, Di Rocco F, Rouzzo A, Garel C, Guilbaud L, Forin V, Moutard ML, Zerah M, Jouannic JM. Galichon P, Amrouche L, Hert A, Brocheriou I, Rabant M, Xu-Dubois YC, Ouali N, Dahan K, Morin L, Terzi F, Rondeau E, Anglicheau D. Gaucher S, Boutron I, Marchand-Maillet F, Baron G, Douard R, Béthoux JP; AMBUPROG Investators. Goffinet F, Azria E, Kayem G, Schmitz T, Deneux-Tharaux C. Granier C, Dariane C, Combe P, Verkarre V, Urien S, Badoual C, Roussel H, Mandavit M, Ravel P, Sibony M, Biard L, Radulescu C, Vinatier E, Benhamouda N, Peyromaure M, Oudard S, Méjean A, Timsit MO, Gey A, Tartour E. Randomized phase II-III study of bevacizumab in combination with chemotherapy in previously untreated extensive small-cell lung cancer: results from the IFCT-0802 trial. Urinary C-X-C Motif Chemokine 10 Independently Improves the Noninvasive Diagnosis of Antibody-Mediated Kidney Allograft Rejection. Association Between Early Screening for Patent Ductus Arteriosus and In-Hospital Mortality Among Extremely Preterm Infants. A population-based evaluation of fetuses with congenital heart defects. Predictors of disease-free survival in colorectal cancer with microsatellite instability: An AGEO multicentre study. A French collaborative survey of 272 fetuses with 22q11.2 deletion: ultrasound findings, fetal autopsies and pregnancy outcomes Prenat Diagn. Blons H, Emile JF, Le Malicot K, Julié C, Zaanan A, Tabernero J, Mini E, Folprecht G, Van Laethem JL, Thaler J, Bridgewater J, Nørgård-Petersen L, Van Cutsem E, Lepage C, Zawadi MA, Salazar R, Laurent-Pu P, Taieb J Prognostic value of KRAS mutations in stage III colon cancer: post hoc analysis of the PETACC8 phase III trial dataset Ann Oncol 2014 Dec;25(12):2378-85Bodilis H, Goffinet F, Krivine A, Andrieu T, Anselem O, Tsatsaris V, Rozenberg F, Launay O. Prenatal screening and diagnosis of congenital toxoplasmosis: a review of safety issues and psychological consequences for women who undergo screening [Internet]. Reflections on decision-making in the context of extreme prematurity. Autologous stem cell transplantation in adults with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in first complete remission: analysis of the LALA-85, -87 and -94 trials [Internet]. Schmitz T, Maillard F, Bessard-Bacquaert S, Kayem G, Fulla Y, Cabrol D, Goffinet F. 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Telethon Item Descriptive Listing - El Ayoubi M, Patkai J, Bordarier C, Desfrere L, Moriette G, Jarreau PH, Zeitlin J. Faisy C, Meziani F, Planquette B, Clavel M, Gacouin A, Bornstain C, Schneider F, Duguet A, Gibot S, Lerolle N, Ricard JD, Sanchez O, Djibre M, Ricome JL, Rabbat A, Heming N, Urien S, Esvan M, Katsahian S, DIABOLO Investators. Fanna M, Baptiste A, Capito C, Ortego R, Pacifico R, Lesage F, Moulin F, Debray D, Sissaoui S, Girard M, Lacaille F, Telion C, Elie C, Arain Y, Chardot C. Foissac F, Blume J, Tréluyer JM, Tylleskär T, Kankasa C, Meda N, Tumwine JK, Singata-Madliki M, Harper K, Illamola SM, Bouazza N, Nagot N, Van de Perre P, Blanche S, Hirt D, ANRS 12174 Trial . Modeling the effectiveness of nebulized terbutaline for decompensated chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients in the emergency department. Effect of Intra- and Extrauterine Growth on Long-Term Neurologic Outcomes of Very Preterm Infants. Enoxaparin and Aspirin Compared With Aspirin Alone to Prevent Placenta-Mediated Pregnancy Complications: A Randomized Controlled Trial. The REFRACT-LYMA cohort study: a French observational prospective cohort study of patients with mantle cell lymphoma. A Population Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic Model Predicts Favorable HDL Cholesterol Changes Over the First 5 Years in Children Treated with Current Efavirenz-Based Regimens. Pujol JL, Lavole A, Quoix E, Molinier O, Souquet PJ, Barlesi F, Le Caer H, Moro-Sibilot D, Fournel P, Oster JP, Chatellain P, Barre P, Jeannin G, Mourlanette P, Derollez M, Herman D, Renault A, Dayen C, Lamy PJ, Langlais A, Morin F, Zalcman G; French Cooperative Thoracic Inter (IFCT); French Cooperative Thoracic Inter IFCT. Rabant M, Amrouche L, Lebreton X, Aulagnon F, Benon A, Sauvaget V, Bonifay R, Morin L, Scemla A, Delville M, Martinez F, Timsit MO, Duong Van Huyen JP, Legendre C, Terzi F, Anglicheau D. 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